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I spy with my little TV, something beginning with OUTRAGE

Stephen Kennedy, CEO: Magpie Blog

Samsung is currently taking a pummelling from the media. It was criticised for its Smart TVs that ‘spy’ on people in their homes, selling information on their behaviour and viewing choices to a nameless third party who is exploiting it commercially. As if this wasn’t enough to keep their PR team busy, a new fact has come to light: Samsung is working with a company that inserts targeted ads into content after it has been purchased and downloaded onto those same Smart TVs. The targeting is of course based on the information they have collected about you from your viewing habits, totally in line with their terms and conditions, but still without you overtly knowing.

At Magpie, we believe that without a pro-commerce paradigm shift, businesses just won’t stop exploiting their customers’ personal information. We are fast approaching a tipping point where the nature of the information being unwittingly shared will elicit more than outrage, it will start to properly engender fear into the ordinary person in the street. Why? Because of the Internet of Things.

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Featuring Stephen Kennedy, CEO:

Emerging markets are fuelling growth in the mobile phone market, but for app developers this presents big challenges. Almost 80 per cent of the 1.8bn people expected to acquire handsets in 2018, according to the International Data Corporation, live in areas where network coverage is patchy, budgets are tight and smartphones are relatively rare.